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Available in Quarts, Gallons & 5 Gallon Pails

Tough N' White

LOW V.O.C. Primer Sealer for Metals & Hard to Grip Surfaces


Tough N' White Metal Primer is a high quality Rust-Inhibitive, water based, fast drying, metal primer with superior adhesion.

Seals and Protects all types of metal surfaces.

Excellent Binder lets Tough N' White Metal Primer adhere to non-porous, hard to grip surfaces without sanding: steel, galvanized metals, glass, ceramics, PVC, fiberglass, slick woods, vinyls and other materials.

Heavy - Bodied. Tough N' White Metal Primer is designed to resist hard scuffing and abrasion.

Interior & Exterior surfaces can be primed with Tough N' White Metal Primer. Ready to use straight out of the can.

Dries White. Will not "dull" your painted finishes. Ideal for use under Artist's Choice Saturated Paints, other water-based paints, alkyd or oil-based paints.

Previously Painted Surfaces. Dries white to hide most colors in just one coat.

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