Sculpt or Coat used on vacuform 	armor
Musketeer Hat created using velour, Cardboard and 	Sculpt or Coat
Ruby Slippers created using 	Sculpt or Coat embedded with glitter
Special Effects make-up created using Sculpt or Coat & Artist's 	Choice Saturated Paints
Masks created using Sculpt or Coat

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Sculpt or Coat is wonderful for mask making, costume construction,
crafts, hats and special effects make-up.

Suggested uses are:

Reinforce, Strengthen, & Protect
  • Fix a Boater
  • Reinforce vacuform armor
  • Preserve & repair papier mache stock
  • Strengthen and Decorate a plastic party hat or mask
  • Seal fraying edges
Shape Fabric
  • Shape a Ruffle
  • Shape a Circle
  • Shape an Ear
  • Shape a Space Collar
  • Twist Horns, Snakes, Noses, and Folds
Glue Fabric
  • Glue fabric to mylar, aluminum, foil, etc.
  • Glue fabric to Lighting Gel
  • Glue fabric to fabric instead of using an iron on fusing
  • Glue colors and decorations to fabric
  • Glue fabric to wood dowels, metal, or plexiglass
Texture Surfaces
  • Pat hand on surface for a stippled effect
  • Swirl hand on surface for circular pattern
  • Sweep lines on surface for a water effect
  • Create alligator/lizard skin by laying on a net.
  • When partly dry,lift off net and geometric pattern stays on surface
Color Surfaces
  • Mix in Rit Dye or Aniline Dye
  • Mix in Dry or Wet Pigments
  • Paint on plastic
  • Paint on Mylar
  • Paint on Paper, Fabric or Papier Mache
Metallic Pieces
  • Mix in metallic powders
  • Mix in glitters
  • Mix in sequins
  • Mix in mica-platelets
  • Stencil Letters
  • Stencil Patterns
  • Stencil on a T-shirt
  • Stencil on bolt goods.
  • Stencil on armor

Create Special Effects

  • Blood
  • Wounds
  • Appendages
  • Protect liquid latex pieces
  • Peeling skin

Make Crafts

  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Masks
  • Fabric feathers
  • Armor
Cover backer or ethafoam rod
  • Cover bead foams, blue foams craft foam cones & balls
  • Cover foam rubber
  • Cover urethane foams
  • Cover latex foam pieces
  • Cover weather-stripping

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