Durable heads, body parts & costume accessories can be made with Sculptural Arts Products.
  1. Marionette was sculpted out of plastiline clay.
  2. A mold was made out of silicone.
  3. A mixture of Plastic Varnish Gloss and plaster was poured into the mold.
  4. Once hardened, Sculpt or Coat and cheesecloth was added for additional protection from "tour breakage"
  5. Marionette was painted with Artist's Choice Saturated Paints.
Armor was created out of heavy posterboard layered with cheesecloth & Sculpt or Coat. Helmet created out of a "leggs" half egg shell. Layered with Sculpt or Coat.

Created by: John Saari &
David Rawlin

Marionette created out of Sculpt or Coat and Plaster.
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