Moon For the Misbegotten
Set Designer - John Saari

Moon for the misbegotten constructed using Sculpt or Coat

Big Boulders that surround the set were made out of plywood covered with Sculpt or Coat and grey industrial felt. Sculpt or Coat and the industrial felt made the boulder extremely rigid. Also added was a mixture of mud and Sculpt or Coat to increase support and durability for this 60-day run. These boulders have lasted for years!

The Oak Tree was constructed using chicken wire to build up lightly. Sculpt or Coat, gauze and mulch were added to create a real tree bark texture.

The Water Trough is a mixture of Sculpt or Coat and joint compound to seal the adjoining joints in the trough. Water was held in the trough throughout the production.

The Entire Floor was fiberboard and lightly sprayed on Sculpt or Coat to adhere leaves and dirt and other ground textures.

The Foam Rocks in the back of the stage were attached together using Sculpt or Coat as the adhesive. Also, a mixture of Sculpt or Coat and mud made this part of the scenery very durable. See foamcoating on Direction sheet

The Corn Stalks in the background were Sculpt or Coat and leaves attached to large dowels with dry Indian Maize.

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