"Wanna Be a VJ3"

When MTV held its national "Wanna Be a VJ-3" search in Spencer, North Carolina at the NC Transportation Museum. Up to 1000 people got a chance to audition to be the next MTV Video Jockey. Over 5000 spectators were on hand for the taping of TRL.

Set dressing created by John Saari Designs & Displays using the Sculptural Arts' family of products

Set Dressing for the stage was done by Sculptural Arts' sister company, John Saari Designs & Displays. Sculpt or Coat, Sculptural Arts' Plastic Varnish, as well as Artist's Choice Saturated Paintswere used to create 20 Foot faux brick towers, oak planking, skirting for the stage, and a corrugated roof.

20 Foot Faux Brick Towers constructed using Sculpt or Coat
Faux Brick Close-up
Stage Decoration using Sculpt or Coat and Artist's Choice Saturated paints

Even through cold temperatures and a steady downpour of rain, the fresh coat of Artist's Choice Paints and Sculpt or Coat never bled or smeared in any way.

Total Request Live was filmed in Spencer, NC and aired on April 28, 2000
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