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Available in Quarts, Gallons and Five Gallon Pails
Tough N' White PrimerTM
LOW V.O.C. Primer-sealer for all types of materials

Sculptural Arts' Tough N White Primer is a quality water based, fast drying, primer-sealer with outstanding adhesion, designed to give scenic materials the best protection available. It is ideal for use under water-based or oil-based top coats and on interior or exterior surfaces, both new and previously painted.

Seals all types of porous and non-porous surfaces.

Strong Binder lets Tough N' White primer adhere to muslin, wood, glass, ceramics, tiles, PVC, papers, vinyls and other scenic materials.

Heavy-Bodied - Tough N' White Primer resists cracking on flexible substrates such as foam, vinyl sheeting and fabrics.

New Interior & Exterior surfaces can be primed with Tough N' White Primer. Ready to use straight out of the can or can be diluted for spray applications.

Dries White - Will not "dull" your painted finishes. Ideal for use under Artist's Choice Saturated Paints, other water-based paints, alkyd or oil-based paints.

Tintable - Mixes easily with Artist's Choice Saturated Scenic Paints.

Previously Painted surfaces. Dries white to hide most colors in just one coat when applied undiluted.

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