"Traveler in the Dark" - Designer Paul Owen
Actor's Theatre of Louisville

Organic Scenery constructed using Sculpt or Coat & Artist's Choice Saturated Paints

Peeling Paint on the whole house was created with Sculptural Arts Coating's Plastic Varnish layered with kraft paper on lauan backing. The texture was then overpainted/smeared with a Sculpt or Coat and Artist's Choice - Saturated Paints combination. Paper was creatively cut and peeled.

Rock Mortaring for wall was created with a mixture of Sculpt or Coat and mortar mix mud.

Leaf Ground attached strategically to plywood with Sculpt or Coat. Moss growth on roof of house created with a mixture of mulch, Sculpt or Coat and paint. Flat Rocks on chimney attached with Sculpt or Coat.

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